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                                                   CHLORINE ADDITIVE                                                  

Promoting Maintenance-free chlorine injection.

Chlor-Flow is a unique chemical blend, which, when added to chlorine, helps
to prevent solids build-up within chlorine injection systems.

Chlor-Flow, when used with chlorine, is very cost effective: 

Reduces service requirements                                                           
Increases pump and component life
Reduces time required for service
Increases pump efficiency 
Reduces replacement time
Helps maintain chlorine levels 
Reduces down time 
Helps you consistently meet government
     regulation levels
 Keep you chlorinator operating!

This chemical metering pump injection
assembly was used in pumping a chlorine
solution WITHOUT Chlor-Flow. After only
30 days, scale deposits made chemical
injection impossible.
WITH Chlor-Flow in the chlorine solution,
under similar water conditions, this
assembly had been in operation for 180 days
of uninterrupted service.
Click here to view the technical specifications for Chlor-Flow.

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