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Parafos® Reduces Corrosion

Corrosion of water distribution systems is a serious problem affecting metal piping and valves, water heaters and hot  water recirculation systems. Dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide can cause severe corrosion to metal piping. Chlorinated water supplies can also result in accelerated corrosion. As a result of this corrosion, pin holes and leaks can occur. Expensive maintenance, repairs and replacements are a result. Leaching of lead and copper due to corrosion is also a major concern for drinking water. Parafos® can help!

Parafos® alleviates the problems associated with corrosion by complexing to form a monomolecular film on the waterside of metal plumbing surfaces. Parafos® effectively reduces corrosion by forming this protective barrier. Also, Parafos® can help you achieve the US EPA Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) guidelines for lead and copper by reducing corrosion in your water system.

Parafos® Reduces Staining

Parafos® further combines with the metals of iron and manganese forming compounds that are not readily broken down by oxygen. By slowing and preventing oxidization Parafos® reduces the severe problems of red or black staining on fixtures, sinks and toilets as well as clogging of pipes, valves and water distribution systems. Parafos® protects your system by reducing and alleviating staining and clogging. Parafos® saves you money!


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