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  Parafos® Vs. Water Softeners

In many applications Parafos® can replace the need for, and the use of, a Water Softener system. With Parafos® capital and installation costs are only a small fraction of that of water softeners. Operation and maintenance costs are also greatly reduced. Water use for backwash and regeneration is eliminated. Salt costs and labor intensive handling are eliminated. Parafos® provides excellent protection from scale build up and also provides additional protection from corrosion - something water softeners cannot do.Replacing water softeners with Parafos® saves water and may qualify you for rebates from your local municipal government. Parafos® is an Eco-Friendly product!

To ask your Keytech representative for a Parafos® versus Water Softener cost comparison for your system, click here.
Parafos® saves you money!




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